Ultimate Chicken stock made in no time with a pressure cooker. This will give you plenty of Chicken stock to store in your freezer. Yes, it freezes beautifully. Just think on a cold damp night pulling out a quart or two of you homemade stock,

There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of soup.    I am going to teach you how to make homemade chicken stock with little to no effort. As far as I’m concerned the “king” of soups is homemade chicken soup.   I know what you’re thinking, “Are you crazy? I don’t have time to make chicken soup it takes all day” or “my soup never has any flavor” (we used to call that chicken shadow soup when only the shadow of chicken passed through the water). Well, I’m here to help.  My blog is not called Crocked Under Pressure for nothing.  One ofContinue