Listing of recipes

There really is no specific recipe for my house seasoning.  I usually make up a batch, put it in a container and keep it next to my salt and pepper.  I use this for everything from seasoning meat to putting it on vegetables for grilling. Since one of the ingredients is “Seasoned Salt” I don’t add any additional salt to this.  I like to keep the salt separate so I have control over the sodium for individual dishes.   ****Corrected*** I use this seasoning on everything including my hamburgers!Continue

Sesame Chicken that is just as good as take out

I love Chinese take out as much as the next person.  But sometimes, I just can’t handle all the MSG and sodium. I have been making a chicken recipe from cooking light for many, many years.  I have even used the recipe in my Personal Chef menus for my clients and it was always a favorite.   I will link to it later to make sure I give credit where credit is due. Over time, the recipe evolved and changed as many of my recipes do.  The original recipe called for using raspberries preserves.  Not being a huge fan of raspberries in my food, IContinue

Feeling overwhelmed

Ok, so I started a blog because let’s face it, I have a lot to say and wanted to have a venue to say it. But, where should I start since I’m just a beginner?  The main idea is to pass along information on cooking as well as other information I find interesting along the way.  Since the blog is supposed to be about food, it would make sense to include food porn (great looking food pictures, get your mind out of gutter people!) and recipes to go along with those pictures. Again I ask where do I start? You see, In order for meContinue