Suit Cases

[wpupg-grid id=”blog”]Well, it’s been a very busy 10 months.  We sold the house we were living in and my family and I moved into a new home just over the border into another state.  The whole thing was definitely an experience.  

First was trying to find a home that fit all the specifics we needed.  It had to be a house with at least; 4 bedrooms, close to my job, close to my daughter’s school, had to take pets (we have a dog and guinea pigs) and hopefully an area to put my large freezer (I wasn’t giving that up!)  

Well, I found something that fit ALL our needs, including the use of the backyard and use of part of the garage, all just over the border, about a half hour from where we were living. What more can a person ask for? But, the kitchen left something to be desired and the house; let’s just say, it has character. (I happen to love it, but it has taken hubby a while to get used to it.)  We made an agreement with the landlord and he agreed to redo the kitchen before we moved in. WOW, what a transformation.  You can see the gallery of before and after pictures at the bottom of the post.  Just keep in mind we were still unpacking at the time.

So now it’s time to arrange for the physical move.  Usually, I’m the one to organize the logistics of these things, but hubby was home and he took on the role.  Needless to say, good thing we were only a half hour drive from one location to another, because two truckloads and two days later, we were moved.  You just don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate over a 10 year period and that’s with cleaning out.  As Optimum says, “moving is hard”.  10 months later we are still trying to find things and the garage still looks like it did the day we moved in. That will be a project and a story for another day, hopefully, a day that’s cooler.

Along with moving, I also finally finished school and earned my Bachelors, YEAH!  Only 30 years in the making. But what’s time? really????  This is where I get an OMG moment of, “Now what am I going to do?”  30 years of running to class, studying and writing papers all come to a screeching halt.

That’s where the blog comes in.  A couple of years ago I took a communications class with a wonderful teacher. For an assignment, I had to create a blog to promote my “idea”.  So on the internet, I went and within a weekend, VIOLA!  Crocked Under Pressure was born.  Unfortunately, because of family, school, work, and life in general, it became difficult to keep up.  So by the wayside, it went.  Until recently; now that I’m finished with school and my daughter has become more independent and shortly will be leaving for college, it was time for me to start again.

I felt since I moved my physical home, I might as well move my website home.  So with the help of hubby and my daughter, here we are.  So welcome to my new home.  Sit awhile have a cup of tea and let’s chat and enjoy each other’s company.  If you can’t stay I invite you to come back and visit again anytime.  I love company!


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