Hi, I’m Lisa and I am a working mom who loves to cook.  I have been cooking since I was 7 years old.  There is nothing like seeing the pleasure on peoples faces when they enjoy great food.

I make sure my family and friends have that experience every time I serve a meal or entertain.  I ran a Personal Chef business, Magic Cuisine in order to share that passion with other people.   I then ran a meal prep store for a couple of years.  Now I just enjoy cooking for the fun of it.

In 2005 I had the opportunity to go to Florence, Italy and experienced the “Italian way of life”. Growing up Italian did not prepare me to experience my culture in its purest form.  In 2005 I graduated with an Associates in Hospitality.

It has always been my passion to teach others who are afraid to venture into the kitchen and show them that it is a fun place to be and that the appliances don’t bite.  My mission is to teach children, young adults or anyone intimated on how to cook.  I feel it is a life skill everyone should know in order to be a productive healthy human.  Believe me, I have made my share if cooking fails.  We all do.  I want you to know it’s ok to make those mistakes, there is always pizza.

On my blog, I will share information with you about seasonal fruits and vegetables, recipes, kitchen tools and eventually provide a real-time cooking class

I would love to have you at my kitchen table to talk about recipes, questions you have about cooking, your fears of the kitchen and how I can help you with those problems.  I believe recipes are a jumping off point for creativity and cooking can be an adventure and a journey we can take together.

So pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea and let’s chat!  I look forward to meeting you and starting our journey together.

Keep checking back to see what’s new