10 Tips to survive Thanksgiving

Re-post 11/7/2018 (Full disclosure, I am now a Pampered Chef consultant and will be paid a commission on certain products purchased) It has been a few years since Hurricane Sandy hit and all the emotions that it brought. This year, we were not so fortunate and parts of our country and its territories were hit with some weather tragedies.  During this time of year, we have to remember there are things in our lives we should be thankful for.  Also, we need to keep in mind those friends and family that could not be with us for whatever reason. A couple of years ago, one of my Professor’sContinue

NEVER! If you are a “Foodie” or what is considered a “Food Enthusiast”, one can never have enough cookbooks, right???? Or is it just me? My cookbook collection takes up two 5-shelf bookcases in my living room.  OK, so some of the space is taken up with cooking magazines and binders full of recipes that I’ve printed.  But they count, don’t they?  I’m ashamed to say I have some books that can’t fit on the shelves, so they are stashed in my room.  I even had old Cooking Light (back from the late 80’s to the early 1990’s) and other magazines saved in boxes withContinue

Suit Cases

[wpupg-grid id=”blog”]Well, it’s been a very busy 10 months.  We sold the house we were living in and my family and I moved into a new home just over the border into another state.  The whole thing was definitely an experience.   First was trying to find a home that fit all the specifics we needed.  It had to be a house with at least; 4 bedrooms, close to my job, close to my daughter’s school, had to take pets (we have a dog and guinea pigs) and hopefully an area to put my large freezer (I wasn’t giving that up!)   Well, I found something that fit ALLContinue

Nicole Lizzmonade

Revised 8/23/15 So this is my first formal post. Ok, I know there are other posts on the blog, but this one is not just about me and what I did, but it’s about some great people I met at the Westwood Farmers market. I figured, since I wanted to start a blog that involved food, I would also need to talk about the people involved in getting those items on the table.  Also, since my husband is starting his photography business, what better way to incorporate both our interests.  Food and photography, AHHH a match made in heaven.  So I convinced him to come with me toContinue

lettuce, fresh, vegetables

I love dirty lettuce.  Most people would think, yuck!   Why would anyone like dirty lettuce?  Well for one thing, if your buying from the local farmers market and the lettuce is dirty, you know it’s fresh, recently picked by the workers at the farm and brought by truck (not shipped across country), direct to you, the customer.  There is nothing more satisfying than picking out a beautiful, huge head of dirty lettuce, greens or root vegetables. A few weeks ago I went to the Piermont Farmer’s market and there were two stands that had beautiful fresh lettuce greens.  Oh my, I couldn’t decide who toContinue

A finished roasted chicken

I pride myself as being a fairly intelligent person and very adept at cooking (duh, I’m doing a cooking blog after all).  Heck, I have an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality and most recently my Bachelors in Business Management.  I’ve been cooking since I was seven years old (I won’t tell you my age now), owned my own personal chef business and was a manager for of one those dinner prep stores.  So one would think I could cook a roast chicken with my eyes closed right? Wrong. It should be simple.  Buy a chicken, season it, preheat the oven, and put the bird in theContinue